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Top 10 ESG Blog Posts of 2021

As we look back in this ‘year in review’ at our most read blog posts in 2021
ESG law

As we look back in this ‘year in review’ at our most read blog posts in 2021, at a time when most of us have accepted that we will never go back to exactly the way things were, we are no doubt collectively ready for a new year. And we are incredibly excited about the prospects for our clients to maximize the opportunities ESG presents.

2022 will be the Paleolithic year of ESG law. We are literally talking about a period when the old laws no longer seem to apply to the world’s businesses, including local Ma and Pas and the dominant global corporations. We write this blog for those looking to move from a mere understanding of ESG to a tactical approach of maximizing ESG.

ESG law is brand new and emergent, much as this blog was new this year. With this blog we have taken one small step of making a brick and mortar sustainability law practice accessible to all online as we all move to take a giant leap toward the metaverse. 

In 2022 this blog will continue providing strategic intelligence on ESG law, including critical insights into sustainability for the business community, .. NOT just for lawyers. Some of what we will write about does not exist, from proposed state statutes to promised federal regulation, and more. Blog posts generally mirror issues that present on a daily basis in our own non-law and law practice with an eye on taking a reasoned risk to act on vision.

We are supremely confident that our business philosophy of “mitigating risk and maximizing opportunity through ESG” is right for the times.

Despite that many of us would be happy to forget the entire year that was 2021, we recall George Santayana’s admonishment, “[t]hose who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

With that caution from 1905, as we look for what will be the bleeding edge ESG issues of 2022 here is a Top 10 List, with apologies to David Letterman, of our most read blog posts in 2021, which compilation provides a year in review that is a pretty eclectic mix of ESG matters as self-selected for reading by readers of the blog. In descending order these are the posts that had the most traffic:

Armed with that knowledge of what came before, there is no doubt that 2022 and beyond portend to be a period of both burgeoning ESG efforts and great economic prosperity. We look forward to providing you with a lawyer’s distinctive edge on how to act on this innovation in the coming years.

There are many different ways for each of us to measure our own 2021, from masks used to laws passed and Zoom meetings to social change created. We choose to measure this year past based on the over the top response to this newly launched blog and the almost geometric number of new readers we gain each week as we post. You can sign up on the home page of the blog for a once the week email alerting you to new posts.

In any looking back at this year we cannot forget the lives lost and countless more impacted by this terrible global pandemic. Our thoughts go out to all who lost a loved one, family member, or friend. And we look forward to Covid transitioning into an endemic virus so we can all have our lives back.

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey of innovation toward an improved world and its people over the past many months. And thank you especially for the impressive and compelling feedback and willingness to put up with our poor writing and typos in posts that are often hastily written in our effort to be timely.

Best wishes in 2022!

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